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>>> we begin with breaking news on this tuesday, april 6th. >>> tragedy in west virginia. a huge jump overnight in the number of miners killed by an underground explosion. >> now, more than two dozen, plunging a community into mourning. >> it's a coal mining community. when you hear that many ambulances, it has to be something bad. >> this morning, the latest on the recovery mission. and looking into a company with a history of problems. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm todd connor, in for jeremy hubbard today. the explosion at a west virginia coal mine has now become the nation's worst such disaster in a quarter-century. >> overnight, massey energy announced that 25 of its miners are dead. and the dangerous mission to rescue four more has stopped. when families were told the news overnight, some became hysterical. >> this is taking place at the upper big branch main. t.j. winick is tracking the overnight developments for us. t.j.? >> reporter: the explosion at the undergrod coal mine happened about 3:00 monday afternoon. miner steve smi
person? >> he was last seen driving a 1999 silver at zero with virginia check -- virginia tags -- silver acura with virginia tags. >> maryland senators had amended a bill considering giving schools and police new powers to deal with gangs. coming up, traffic is slow around the convention center. we will tell you how residents are coping. >> plus, the short list of possible supreme court nominees. >> and rescuers go into a west virginia mine. >> a nussle year in the the weather center. good looking stuff -- i am if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >> a somber servic
. this is 95 live in virginia. could it and out of baltimore. heavier volume but pretty good shape. >> thank you. >>> 6:01. we have breaking news where president obama and russian president are about to sign a landmark nuclear arms treaty. this is the so-called new start treaty and calls for each country to reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile by a third. president obama outlined his goal of eliminating nuclear weapons carried this treat must be approved by the senate and the russian parliament. we will follow this story as it breaks. >>> a diplomat cause in mid air scare late last night after reportedly lighting a cigarette in an airplane bathroom. this happened on a flight to denver. the man apparently made a joke about the shoe bomb. no one is laughing this morning. pamela brown has the latest details. good morning. >> this is a bizarre storyhat at one time was very alarming. a diplomat was supposedly on his way to denver on official and the seed business occurred he found himself at the center of a terror investigation. this is because of a cigarette and a joke. this is the scene on the
andrews air force base, over on the beltway close to pennsylvania avenue. let me take you to virginia. 395 traffic not found on the 14th street bridge, that crashed on the d.c. side of the bridge is a doozy. there's a lot of equipment on the scene with only one lane getting by. if you take mass-transit, i have no major disruptions. they are on normal service. >> it is 6:00. in our top story, the growing death toll in the wake of the strong storms that tore across the nation's south. authorities say at least 12 people are dead after high wind from a tornado leveled hundreds of palms. the same storm system is responsible for the severe weather here. courtney robinson is in the newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> what we did see was heavy rain and wind. in comparison, it is not much to what the south and midwest experienced since thursday, more than 80 twisters spotted. more than twice the number in all of march. 10 people are dead, including a baby and two children, killed by tornadoes in mississippi. if the twister left roughly to london mile-long track of destruction in the state.
and the panhandle of west virginia. today, just thunderstorms. there are showers of to the west of leesburg. debbie pockets coming down. mainly cloudy today with a glimpse of sunshine. off and on showers, a rumble of thunder, high temperatures around 70. >> now to lisa baden. >> beltway travel and interstate travel looks fine. 395 north on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. in the virginia camera, 395 north towards the 14th street bridge, looks like everything is moving nicely. they are moving the camera around to get a glimpse of the crash on the other side of the bridge. no evidence of it. it's near the exit at 12th street. no worries. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story this morning, the death toll in the wake of strong storms that tore across the nation'souths. 12 people are dead after high winds from a tornado leveled hundreds of homes. the same storm system is responsible for severe weather here on the weekend. courtney robinson has more on the weather. good morning. >> we did see some heavy rain and wind. in comparison, it is not much compared with what the south and midwest e
>>> tonight on "world news," silence and hope. fumes pour out of the mine in west virginia. no sound of the four miners still missing, and we have team coverage again tonight. and we talk to the man supervising the rescue. >>> battle lines. virginia's governor wants to celebrate confederate history, and not mention slavery? >>> fog of war. you be the judge. a video has millimeters and millions of people debating, is this combat or reckless killing? >>> and, arican heart. one little girl plays and plays to give others more life. >>> good evening. in west virginia tonight, one hole has been drilled through the wall blocking the route to the four missing miners. but when the rescuers broke through, gases so toxic and dangers poured out, the team was nearly overcome, and had to stop. nearby, the families of the missing still stand sentry, their hopes firing up the determination of fellow miners to get through whatever they find on the other side. and david muir is on that scene tonight with the very latest for us. david? >> reporter: diane, as you know, they have been able to d
and abandonment may be filed in virginia. authorities in tennessee trouble with the legal ramifications of the case. >> is hard to say which direction we are going to go. we will meet with d a's office tomorrow morning. we will try to figure out which is the best charge. >> investigators say this woman sent the boy on a plane alone back to russia with a note saying he had psychological problems. >>> late tonight myland's senate voted to approve a bill that increases sex offenders' sentences. also, a sex offender registry is headed for a vote. but texting bills are unresolved. >>> maryland senators killed an effort to bring card games to rosecroft race track. >>> a symbolic milestone of the country's economic recovery. the dow jones industrial average closed over 11,000 for the first time in the year. >>> the numbers are dropping if you are talking about temperatures. do not expect to the's warm weather to occur tomorrow. doug hill has the first look at what is the come tomorrow morning. >>> things are starting to turn a little bit cooler. let's check out the temperatures. down to 52 deg
are following developments from west virginia. rescuers have rumed their search for the missing miners. crews are pumping nitrogen into the upper big branch mine to try to flush out toxic gases. high levels of those gases forced rescue teams to cut short their rescue mission yesterday. emergency supplies will begin to run out. >> until we find out we do not have any use of the chambers, we will go into a recovery mode. >> we are planning to that hope. >> president obama has asked for a report on what may have caused this blast. >>> the man who prompted a terrorism scare is expected to leave the u.s. by today. he raised concerns by slipping into a bathroom to smoke a cigarette and then joked about blighting his shoes on fire. he was on his way to check on and imprisoned terrorists. >>> president obama is on his way home to sell the new nuclear arms treaty with russia. the trey was signed in prague yesterday and must now be approved by the senate. the president is confident enough republicans will support it. you can see more of the exclusive interview on "good morning america," says evan a.m.
. in virginia, nothing on the camera is spotted. out of springfield to get to tysons, headlights to or the pentagon are good. back to you. >> thank you. >>> wall street reform will get a second look today on capitol hill after the gop dealt democrats a major setback. republicans blocked efforts to begin debate on overhauling the financial regulation system. democrats need 60 votes. they ended up three short. majority leader harry reid is expected to try to call a second vote later today. our top story, all eyes on goldman sachs. deguzman giant is facing accusations that it bet against the american people and turned a profit on the country's economic collapse. -- the investment giant. it's going to capitol hill today and expected to deny investor fraud. >> when the hearing gets underway later today we will expect to hear from the goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein. he will start by thanking taxpayers for the bank bailout, noting that goldman has paid back with interest. he could face tough questions from lawmakers. goldman sachs executives could face a grilling on the hill today. >
are searching for simon asfeha, may be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags xks-1522. >> eastern high school in d.c. will be back open today after a fire that was quickly contained. the school has been undergoing renovations. students have been attending classes in trailers. there were not impacted by the fire. >> of mechanical problems did not play a role in the weekend plane crash that killed poland owes the president, first lady, and 90 other people. readings from the black boxes indicate there were no technical problems with the plane. russian authorities say the pilot was warned about the weather before the plane crashed on saturday. federal investigators wi andll arrive in west virginia today. people gathered to remember the dead from the worst mine disaster in decades yesterday. high levels of toxic gas have prevented them from recovering all the bodies. another hole will have to be drilled before recovery efforts can continue. >> the virginia governor is urging residents to join a moment of silence. at 3:30 this afternoon and the west virginia governor is calling for a moment
grumman is moving its headquarters from los angeles to the d.c. area. yesterday they chose virginia over maryland and d.c.. the exact site remains unclear. up to 150 new jobs in our area is what it will mean. >> last month's mass shooting in southeast d.c., police arrested 21-rolled jeffrey best. the police chief says this is the final arrest in the case. best is also charged in the mouth 27 shooting death of jordan howe. -- march 27 shooting. >>> we have exclusive video of the underwear bomber training in yemen. abdulmutallab deshawn firing weapons and should speaking in arabic about his impending attack. -- is shown firing weapons. more beginning at 7:00 this morning on that. >> who says you cannot fight city hall? the district dismissed 70,000 parking tickets in 2009. >> we will head back down south where the cleanup continues to day after the deadly twisters. >> first we will find out if any more severe weather is in the forecast. >> people are assessing damage after the deadly tornadoes that swept through the south. nearly 700 homes were damaged over the weekend in mississippi alone
will be closed. >> i will talk about travel times, which are in our favor along 270, 95. not bad in virginia. normal stuff on 66 out of manassas to get into vienna. 123 is open between international drive and the beltway. 95 in springfield. the normal pattern on the left side. headlights are northbound on the way to the pentagon. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news. a violent night in howard county. four people were shot. pamela brown is live on the scene with some late breaking details. >> we know that two juveniles were shot and were taken to shock trauma. we're not sure about their condition. you can see crime solvers are on the scene looking for any evidence to piece together what exactly happened shortly after midnight. my photographer will show the car. this car with shattered windows, shattered glass and bullet holes. we're not sure what transport and we're hoping to find out more information. a mile away, we went there earlier this morning. it is a trailer park. there was a shooting there. their work two people shot. one was taken to the hospital. we're not sure about their
spending for the next three years except for national security. >>> today, the virginia governor will give details about a northrop grumman plane's mission to northern virginia. the new headquarters will be built either in fairfax county near the airport or in crystal city near the pentagon. northrop grumman is moving its headquarters to the washington, d.c., area for los angeles. it should bring about 300 senior level employees to washington, d.c. >>> in maryland, the governor is getting off his reelection campaign. he began a three-day campaign swing today in baltimore. he plans to stop in at largo, waldorf, and in another city later this afternoon. he will go to 11 stops total. he faces former republican governor robert erlich this fall. >>> after a stormy weekend, signs of clearing finally today. the winds are still being out there. brian van de graaf has a look at our first forecast. it was so nice to see the sun. we were ready. >> yes, we work. it was pretty nice after the morning clouds disappeared it. we see another batch of clouds working. another liddell system must swing in done
tribute for the miners killed in the deadly explosion in west virginia. the message president obama delivered to the family members and friends of those who lost their lives. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> we are on stormwatch tonight. heavy thunderstorms rolled rupiah a live picture from rockville. you can still see heavy rain -- heavy thunderstorms rolled through. a live picture from rockville. >> we are in the belfort furniture weather center, and all of the watches or warnings have expired. montgomery county, looking at some heavier showers out to the west korea across fairfax and loudoun counties. -- out to the west. across fairfax and loudoun counties. behind this, we are looking for things to settle down. that is the good news. we are not totally out yet. there could be yet another round of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. for the overnight, showers. blows in the 50's. patchy fog in the early-morning hours -- those in the 50's. -- the lows in the 50's. >>> some dangerous driving conditions tonight, and some people were sent running for
20 years. >>> time is running out for four miners who might still be alive inside west virginia coal mine. the holes are being drilled into the ground to vent the lethal gas. >> it is the thought on everyone's mind. every hour that passes is an hour that could mean the difference between life and death. polls have been drilled, but crews must wait for the toxic methane to drop. >> we had a slight problem at the surface because of the high concentration of carbon dioxide. it was to the point that was affecting the drilling. >> search crews came agonizingly close to their search for the miners but were forced to turn back for fear of endangering the rescuers. >> it is very difficult and there is dust covered just about everything in the coal mine. >> there is still hope they will be found alive, that they made it to the one safety chamber that was not trapped. >> rescue teams are prepared. >> prayers are helping the families of the fallen and missing, families who could do nothing but wait. >> she has not slept, showered, changed clothes. she is not moving until she hears word about he
of the virginia tech shootings, which left 32 people and the gunman dead. a day of remembrance on campus today to pay remembrancer to the victims. classes will be cancelled. two sitting benches will be dedicated to honor the victims. a candlelight vigil tonight. police officers caught on tape beating the university of maryland students say they are getting death threats. prince george's county police have suspended two more officers. two other officers were suspended on monday. the video shows police hiddink student john mckenna with batons during a celebration must must. -- hitting the student during a celebration last month. one lawmaker has promised to challenge the district's right to vote. >> we have big changes for the weekend. right now it is 5:06 captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> hadick friday morning. it's going to be a nice day, unseasonably warm. we are already near 60 degrees across much of the region. but there's a cold front that score to move through later this evening and tonight. that will pave the way for much lower temperatures on the weeke
virginia mine explosion. >> our job is to be out there and do those things that the majority of people probably never think about. >> prince george's county honors some of its biggest men and women. a man can only try... and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough...so tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. >>> senate republicans have just lost action on the furniture reform bill. this is the first set and a -- first step in a long process. says minene's owner samples were saved before the explosion. massey energy says that before the blast, a foreman took air samples as part of a shift change. the company says the tests showed no high bubbles of explosive gases and the air flow was fine. 29 miners died in the explosion. a senate hearing
>>> making news on this wednesday, april 7th -- >> holding on to hope. families in west virginia wait for word on the fate of four miners, as well relatives share stories on the men who didn't make it out. >>> could the tragedy have been prevented? >>> and in space, a historic rendezvous between the shuttle and space station. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm todd connor, in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. as west virginia mourns the loss of 25 miners in that horrific explosion, the hope this morning is that a miracle will take place. is it possible that four miners still missing managed to make their way to safety underground? >>> once the mine is depletely silent, they will send in tapped signals that the four, trapped men would recognize and hopefully respond to. >> t.j. winick joins us now from montcoal where the drills have been working all night. >> reporter: good morning. west virginia's governor says it could be midday before progress is made on four ventilation afts. even then, it could be an additional four to five hours before rescuers could reechl the ar
is okay. 95 virginia has a tractor- trailer that jackknifed and lost its rear axle. other than that. this is 95 northbound in virginia, north of the rappahannock river bridge. only one lane gets by to the left. 55 minutes just to get out of fredericksburg. the alternate is not much better. >> brand new video, a fire broke out at a building on georgetown university campus. it happened along the 3700 block of o street in northwest. the details are scarce. >> our top story this morning, two prince george's county police officers are being punished for their role in the video. you saw it first on abc 7. both are serving suspension while the department conducts an internal investigation into brutality claims. this morning we are learning new details about who is officers are. brianne carter is in college park with details. >> good morning. according to the police department, they have identified all the officers involved in the video. so far, two police officers have been suspended. more suspensions may be forthcoming. police said all of the officers involved in the beating at the univer
virginia, people are remembering the 25 miners lost. four miners are still unaccounted for. the rescuers had started drilling to try to release toxic gases from the mind. inspectors cited that might nearly 550 times last year for safety violations. we will have a live report coming up. >>> d.c. teachers might have reason to celebrate today. a new contract is almost a done deal. courtney robinson has details. >> good morning. this has been a long fight for d.c. public school administrators and the washington teachers union. according to information on the website late last fight, it seems they have reached a tentative agreement in negotiations about a new contract. for all of the teachers, they will see an 11% raise. it comes as part of the pact where teachers will see about a 20% salary increase, much of it paid for through and a typical arrangement. $64.5 million, and from private foundations. that the chief financial officer to make sure that the money they are guaranteeing is sound. then it will go before the teachers union. then before council for approval. it is still a long process
, virginia attorney general jim cuccinelli is getting ready to do battle again, this time filing a notice of appeal to the epa over new fuel efficiency rules for cars built between 2004 and 2016. he is already suing the epa over the epa sent greenhouse gases are legal. >>> jennifer hutson is the new face of weak watchers. she says she has always been happy with her curves, but she said she needed to take control of her body and eating habits. she says the wait is coming off. she is not saying how much weight she has lost just yet. >> she looks good. >>> some laughter tonight, all for a good cause, maurn bunyan took part in the dancing with the czars. maureen has participated in the skit at least a dozen years. they're upgrading housing for the poor, elderly, and disabled. >>> dancing on to the stars tonight? >> the cherry blossoms and the stars, temperatures tumbling quickly, but don't worry, tomorrow it will be great again. outside, the nation's capital, a lot of visitors. great weather, this is a nice treat, a welcome change from what we had this past winter. the weatherbug network, thr
-benz financial. ♪ >>> breaking developments coming in from west virginia as rescuers continue to search for survivors in a coal mine explosion. the eagle has landed. donovan mcnabb is in washington tonight. what he is doing on the eve of his formal introduction. the government is telling toyota to pay up for knowingly hiding a dangerous defect. >> of live, and then h. d., this is abc7 breaking news. >> breaking news coming in from west virginia were dozens of rescuers are searching at this hour to find missing miners after an explosion. we are monitoring the new developments. jay, what have you learned? >> we are 30 miles west of charleston west virginia. teams are working to find and free more than one dozen trapped monday afternoon, an explosion rocked the energy company in raleigh county west virginia. safety officials at the scene say that the underground explosion killed seven workers and injured others and has left 19 miners and accounted for. at 9 rescue teams have converged on the site to help find survivors. >> we have rescue teams that are underground and advancing as quickly
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and was surrounded by a memorial. >>> tomorrow, federal investigators will arrive in west virginia to try to figure out what triggered a mine explosion that killed 29 miners. the investigation will focus on the direction of toxic gas and coal dust away from minors. a buildup is suspected of causing the blast -- and coal dust away from miners. >> if you ventilate, you do not have explosions. >> they received previous citations. the companies said they strive to be incompetent -- compliance with regulations at all time -- the company said that. >>> firefighters were called to a high school this afternoon with smoke coming from the roof. it was under one restoration, and so the students have been taking classes in trailers. there is no word on what caused the fire or how much damage was done. >>> speculation continues over who president barack obama will name for a retiring supreme court justice seat. they are looking to avoid a potential filibuster. >> i am not going to take off the table, but i think it can be easily avoided. >> there was a short list of possible nominees, including the solicitor ge
will let you know if anything develops at our airport as well. >>> virginia's governor responded to the controversy surrounding confederate history. bob mcdonnell is apologizing for not including slavery in the official proclamation declaring april as confederate history month. the proclamation has been changed, but now political opponents are attacking bob mcdonnell for recognizing confederate history at all. cynne simpson has that story. >> if you look throughout alexandria, va., you will notice several monuments similar to this that stand in memory of the thousands who fought for the confederacy, and there are many who feel it is critical this history lives on. more than 20,000 virginia soldiers died fighting for the south during the war, a sacrifice many say should be taught to all americans. >> you have to know all of your history, the good and bad. >> we need an accurate portrayal of what the united states was involved in. we need to make sure that happens correctly. >> when governor bob mcdonnell proclaimed april confederate history month, it reopened it deep wounds. >> i
declaration for rhode island sending federal aid and coordinating assistance. >>> virginia highway crews have made sufficient progress after filling potholes from the blizzards. they have killed more than 120,000 pot holes statewide. commonwealth plans to continue its campaign through april 15. >>> the weather that caused the pot calls it is long gone. the temperatures are down this evening, but they are likely to go up. kyle is born has a look at the forecast. -- kyle osbourn has a look at the forecast. >> it is comfortable, 51 at centreville, after the high of 71. there is no wind to speak of. there is n wind chill, no heat index. 56 germantown, high of 69. the temperatures not quite as warm to the north and west. calvert high-school, 59 degrees. overnight, clear skies, smiled, and calm. the wind has died down. tomorrow looks fantastic, a great way to start the new month. the jury blossoms on the graphics, they ok nice, -- the cherry blossoms on the graphics, they look nice, but the real thing it is even nicer. >>> coming up, a liberal watchdog group and obese children. the combination has
is on for people -- for a man who shot two people at the blue ridge parkway in virginia, near an overlooked at the parkway's northern end. the suspect shot a man and a woman with a shotgun. the male victim fell 150 feet off the overlooked and is in serious condition. the fbi and local police continue a search. >>> a herstown judge has sentenced a man to life behind bars for murdering a teenage friend. his 16 year-old daughter had convinced him that her father abused her. he is serving a sentence for soliciting her father's murder. >>> residents of fairfax county could soon be hit with higher fees. supervisors are considering raising home sewage bills by about $60 a year. they may reinstate a $30 vehicle registration fee. they are trying to close a $270 million budget gap. the hearing started today. >>> the plan to bring back street cars is running into trouble. rails are being laid for a street car network powered by overhead wires, but opponents say the wires will clutter city views and roadways. some preservation groups are pressing for carts that run on underground batteries rather than
>>> toni >>> tonight we are live to report on the tragedy in west virginia. where there's a race against time to reach four miners who may be still trapped at the end of a 6,000 foot shaft into the mountain. anyou'll hear from miners who made it out and survived the expressie explosi explosion. >>> we drive across the mountains as a community grieves. and you'll meet a woman who lost her husband, two nephews, while her son barely escaped. >> we love him so much. >> brian ross investigates allegations of repeated safety violations by the company managing the mine. and we put tough questions to the chief executive. as tonight, we report on the miners who are in mourning, holding on and questioning what happened to those they love. >>> good evening from west virginia. we are live tonight because just down the road from here is the site of the worst mine disaster in this country in 26 years. and all night long we have been talking to the people in these hills. and thy are reeling from the impact of this tragedy. so far, what we know. 25 are dead. two are hospitalized, four are missin
.c. resident. virginia senator jim webb has co-sponsored a resolution honoring her. he said "as a civil rights activist and confidante to many african american leaders, she was unwavering in her commitment to equality and fairness. her leadership "we've an undeniable mark." >>> time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes with lisa baden now. >> moving nicely coming out of southern maryland. i'm going to look at a couple of maps. pretty good run on route 4, route 5, 28, s210210. baltimore national park lake running in your favor. normal volume on 270. southbound on the friedrichs into montgomery county looks good so far. 66 and 95, volume increasing in manassas and 95 heading into dale city. it's okay through springfield. let's go to brian van de graaff. >> thank you. temperatures are much milder than the last couple days because of the cloud cover and light rain that's pushing into the metro area. it's 52 and alexandra, 47 in frederick, 51 in centreville, 48 in hagerstown. light showers coming up 95. manassas and fauquier county, a few sprinkles. leesburg and western frederick county as well
at the virginia metro station. it's quiet. a lot of people jog in this area. it's 51 degrees. ameren a light coat, but that's it. you don't need anything more. this afternoon i will shed a few layers as it will be much warmer. we have a wide range of temperatures. let's look at the numbers. 34 degrees at fort meade. 34 at stafford. those are usually the cooler readings. gainesville, 43. our forecast, a lot of sunshine, increasing clouds later this afternoon and evening, highs in the upper 60's, that's normal. rain showers by tomorrow. >> normal for this time of mourning. heavier volume of traffic is what we have on 95, 66, and southbound 270. there's a brief delay in manassas on centreville in 66 -- on 66. looks good across the roosevelt bridge. nothing on 95. out of fredericksburg to get to springfield. traffic on 95. northbound moving at speed heading into springfield all the way to the pentagon is good. back to you. >> 50 degrees in roslyn. >> coming up, kids and sell phones. a new poll shows some of them don't put them down even when they are sleeping. >> washinton makes progress on financial
this morning. >> today marks the three-year anniversary of the virginia tech shooting which left 32 people and the gunman dead. today they will pay tribute to the victims on campus. classes will be cancelled. two benches will be dedicated to honor survivors and resilience of the community. a candlelight vigil will be held this evening. the police officers, new details in the store you birdsall on abc 7, the police officers caught on tape beating a university of maryland student are getting death threats. prince george's county police have suspended two more officers. two other officers were suspended after the video service on monday. it shows police beating john mckenna with a baton during a celebration last month. that was a celebration of the victory over duke. >> still ahead, our break at the verizon center. the capitals brought a close game into overtime. >> also, could this be another roadblock for representation? one lawmaker has promised to challenge the district's right to vote. >> above-average temperatures today. big changes for the weekend. you are >> happy friday morning. fina
news. authorities have raised the death toll to 25 after the explosion in west virginia. four people are reportedly still trapped inside. rescue crews have stopped their search. pamela brown has the latest details. good morning. >> the rescue mission is on hold. more than 1,000 feet underground. it is considered the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1984. the outlook has becoming more grim. the official said it didn't appear at any minors mated to a rescue chamber. rescue workersound the chambers mt. >> if another explosion occurred, we could have lost 50 rescuers, it would have been just something unfathomable. >> to a buildup of gases and carbon dioxide could have presented the survivors from making it to the rescue chamber. at least 25 miners have been pronounced dead. >> one call miner's death is one too many. >> it is too early to know the cause. the buildup of toxic gas has been a constant problem at the upper big branch mine. and massey energy it ranks among the top five coal producers. there were hit with a fine for a series of violations. that mine has said three other fataliti
arms. in virginia several dozen people armed with weapons will hold a protest march at bradley point. the group says it intends to be the first to hold a gun demonstration at a national parks. >>> nearly 80% of people polled say they don't trust washington to solve the nation's problems. 22% say they can trust the government. nearly half say the government has a negative effect on their daily lives. most participants said washington is too against powerful and interferes too much in state and local matters. >> still ahead, 15 years since one of the deadliest terror attacks on american soil. we will see how oklahoma city is marking the anniversary. >> cutting the congestion on one of our area's busiest highways. if local leaders want to hear from you. >> it's only 44 degrees in roslyn. coming back with a full forecast. coming back with a full forecast. experience new positively nourishing body washes from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. delightfully fragrant, truly moisturizing. that's positively nourishing. only from aveeno. a man can only try... and try. i hear
>>> making news on this thursday, april 8th -- >> breaking news from the west virginia coal mine. enough toxic air has cleared to send rescue crews keep into the mine, in search of the four, missing men. >>> flight scare. fighter jets scrambled, fbi teams mobilize. but was it all a misunderstanding. >>> and today oprah winfrey will reportedly make a big announcement about her future. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm todd connor, in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. after standing by all night long, rescue crews are finally making their long journey inside the upper big branch coal mine in west virginia at this hour. >> once the mine's air quality was deemed safe a short time ago, they got the green light to begin searching for the four miners missing since monday's explosion. steven portnoy joins us on the phone from montcoal with the latest. >> good morning, todd and vinita. at this hour, four eight-man teams, 32 rescuers, are entering the mine for the first time since they had to evacuate early tuesday morning. the rescuers, themselves miners from this mine and oth
loophole where gun buyers make purchases no questioned asked. in the days following virginia tech massacre, authorities, including virginia's own governor urged governors to close it. this week we mark the third anniversary of the shootings, we ask the question again, as we mark the third anniversary, has anything changed and should it? in blacksburg, virginia, they are marking another anniversary this weekend, now three years since the shootings at virginia tech. flowers honoring each of the victims. rema samaha, one of them. there were the precious images of her dancing before the attack. >> it's not something you get through. just something you adjust to. >> samaha's family has been fighting to close a glaring loophole. gun shows where people buy guns without a background check, without any questions asked. it was a year ago, abc news followed her brother to this gun show in richmond, virginia. we gave him one hour and $5,000 cash. within minutes while still in line he bought his first gun. >> this is what? >> this is a glock. >> you got this before you even got in the show? >> yeah, he
that it has not yet reached. >>> president barack obama travel to west virginia today to pay tribute to the men killed in the mind tragedy. the president told the families of the miners who died that the nation will honor their memories by improving mine safety. >> mr. obama and vice president biden traveled to west virginia to honor those killed in the explosion. they met with the families of those whose lives have been changed forever. they vowed that changes will be made. with president barack obama looking on, the families of the 29 collin miners -- fallen miners stepped forward. >> we have been morning with you throughout these difficult days. >> mr. obama says he will now do whatever he needs to to make sure something like this never happens again. >> we will do what we have to do it to make sure that there are safe conditions underground. [applause] >> the april this explosion is considered the worst mining disaster in a generation. the deceased miners were discovered deep underground. the year -- federal regulators believe the explosion was caused by a buildup of methane gas
others. >> a rally for gun rights in virginia and hundreds of people gathered in support of the second moment. dick could not carry weapons at the d.c. rally, the eve virginia -- the virginia rally was different. >> this was billed as the first arm to rally since a lot allowed people to carry guns in all parklands. it was a sight never before seen. all kinds of guns now allowed on national park land in agenda including gravelly point park, right next to reagan national airport. >> it is a 0.45 pistol. the rifle is an m-4. >> we are patriots. we are happy to be here. i believe in firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. >> the restore the constitution rally took aim at big government, in general. >> 15 years ago today, timothy mcveigh was concerned because he did not feel that the government was listening to him so he responded with the oklahoma city bombing. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states of america. >> at a larger rally in see, they said today is about patriotism, not terrorism. this family drove from kentucky with their six children. >> i carr
effect on their daily lives. many say that washington is too big and too powerful. >>> virginia is celebrating earth week over the next week. bob macdonald will be at a number of events. he is also moving forward with efforts to conserve another 400,000 acres of open space. he plans to establish virginia as a green jobs the zone. a new plan to restore the river is said to be released later this afternoon. the army corps of engineers has worked for two years on this plan with d.c., maryland, and other local officials. the river restoration will provide economic, social, and environmental benefits. it is one of the nation's most polluted rivers. officials in virginia are asking for your ideas on how to ease congestion on interstate 66. officials are holding a public meeting tonight at the fairfax county government center. vdot is getting ready to launch a rapid bus lines. >>> some good news from the gas pump. aaa says gas prices appear to be holding steady. the average is $2.86 per gallon nationally, to $88 cents per gallon here in this area. still to come on abc 7 news at noon. t
seeing snow showers all afternoon. that is how colin is there. parts of west virginia and kentucky also have showers. here is our story, a big change from this time yesterday. 56 in fairfax. gaithersburg at 53 degrees. it will be pretty chilly. we will head back to the mid 60's tomorrow. we will look ahead in the next few minutes. >> another setback for rescue crews in west virginia. the hurdles that are facing the search for missing miners. >> [inaudible] >> president obama response to [inaudible] what sarah palin had to say in return. >> how did a cow end up in a trapped in the trance of their shopping routine, some people don't notice the difference between meat and mystery when they enter... ...the frozen zone is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all-white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, and a delicious taste your family will love. perdue frozen chicken. all-white meat. no mystery. >> you are watching abc 7 news at
, but you can see we have some unsettled weather coming out of west virginia. a somewhat complicated low pressure center, which means basically on and off showers, maybe a few thunderstorms. we're not expecting severe thunderstorms. but still, maybe a heavy downpour. cooler and quiet whether as a go through the end of april. -- cool and quiet weather as we go through the end of april. >> across the south, at least 12 are known dead. we have the latest now on the region trying to recover. >> and many in gaza city, mississippi had just seconds -- in yazou city mississippi, many have just seconds to find cover. as this man hit behind the pulpit in his church, it crashed down around him. a system moving through the south and midwest toward their own buildings, uprooted trees -- tore down buildings, uprooted trees. this was once a small grocery, now rubble, inside or six people, including robin sullivan -- inside were six people, including ron sullivan. he and his group survived, but the violent storm claimed the lives of 10 in mississippi, including a baby and two children. two more died in
. >>> governors of maryland and virginia came together with the mayor of d.c. to talk about making the metro more safe. virginia governor bob mcdonnell said poor management is one of the reasons for recent safety issues including the deadly accident. a metro spokesperson says they welcome more oversight. >>> a d.c. councilman is introducing a proposal to raise more money for the metro system. he is proposing a 10 cent per gallon surcharge on gas sold in the district. this would include parts of maryland and virginia. it would require congressional and state approval. >>> she was a leader in fight for civil rights. tonight, we remember the long life and legacy of dorothy height >> all over washington d.c., people are remembered a legend and the impact she had on the civil rights movement. district resident and civil rights icon, dorothy height, is being mourned. she was the president of the national council of negro women. flowers were placed outside the building named after the powerful leader. >> she stood for dignity. she stood for rights. she stood for bringing out the best in people. she stoo
advisory in effect, mainly for the shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia. for the media metro, temperatures in the upper 40's, mittal 40's tonight. the extended outlook and the warm-up, the cool down, and chance of showers. jennifer? >> thank you, steve. >>> coming up, a 13-year-old tries to make hiory with a record-breaking time. plus, international outrage. >> i am alive and northwest with the japanese street festival just wrapping up, part of the cherry blossom festival. that is coming up. >>> now story that has caused outrage in the u.s. and russia, all over the treatment of a child, a russian orphans adopted by an american couple, then put on a airplane and sent back. rachel barton has the story. >> what happened to this 7-year- old boy sent shock waves halfway around the world. >> we're obviously very troubled by it. it >> the adoptive parents threw him out. >> this woman adopted the child from a russian orphanage last september. earlier this week, she sent him back by himself on the 10-hour flight to moscow, along with a note saying he was violent and has cber -- and ha
the customer virginia, south carolina, there is no oil fields on shore there. why do you think there will be big oil field offshore? >> why bother? the governor of virginia loves the idea, he is thinking jobs. so do virginia's two democratic senators, and maryland's two democratic senators do not like it. >> we now -- we kn there is -- we knkow there is a saudi arabia of l in alaska. anwr remains shut if we get started in 1996, when clinton shouted down, we would have 1 million barrels, 10% of our import. the oil is in the west. that is why it is so odd. >> the oil and gas industry actually seemed pleased by this. of course they would like war, but they seemed pleased by this. the republican leadership -- of course there would like more, but they seemed pleased by this. the republican leadership in congress is sort of pooh- poohing 8. they are talking about opening up silda stuff in the desert, the equivalent of 30 coal-fired utility, electricity plants. this is a big, thoreau, interesting proposal. i am sure it has flaws, i am sure it does not please the environmentalists or t
delays. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell one of more 30 governors to threatening letters from a group calling themselves the gardens of the free republics demands the governors leave office within three days oristic being removed. the f.b.i. is warning police across the country that the letters could provoke violence by others. also the f.b.i. warnings come after the arrest of nine christian militia members accused of planning to kill police officer, a federal magistrate. eight remain jailed because of very disturbing information presented by prosecutors. the jailed are expected members of a group calling it civil hutari. they're charred with desishes conspiracy, attempting to use weapons of mass destruction and other crimes. >> rhode island officials are asking for federal help after some of the worst flooding to hit their state. homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured the damage today. president obama has declared many parts of rhode island disaster areas. that qualifies them for some federal help. but state leaders say they need more. >> our weather was good here. wonde
for the trapped miners in west virginia and is in tragedy. new demands for answers about why it happened. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> hello, i'm jennifer donelan. mourners had gathered at the polish embassy. poland's presidenthis wife, and other government leaders died in an airplane crash and reword that the pilot was warned not toand because of dense fog. john gonzalez is live at the embassy with the developments. about the pish prime minister is calling this the worst peacetime disaster in the country's history. ironically, jennifer, a history being remembered this weekend. it was already a somber trip to begin with. poland's president lech kosinski, his wife, and dozens of officials were headed to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of " thousands of polish military officers by the secret police in world war ii. am i saw the airplane flying low. >> others recall the pilot attempting to land several times in heavy fog before crashing into the forest. >> they were very good friends of mine. >> this local polish architect
projects are revving up across the northern virginia. the five megaprojects under way are the beltway hot line, the dulles corridor metro rail project, the interstate 95 widening project, the telegraph road interchange, and the fairfax parkway extension. each project will have day and night time lane closures and long term the tours. drivers can expect many delays during the summer. >>> the department of defense has unveiled a weapons system to protect soldiers and marin on the ground. the package consists of cameras and gps mapping of friends and foes. the inventors say what makes this system revolutionary is the input that the soldiers had in its design. the system can be installed on any track in about 15 minutes and requires very little training. >> a former press secretary to gerald ford has died. this is a picture of him from his time in the ford administration. he was press secretary for just a month. he resigned in protest when president ford pardoned richard nixon for any possible crimes in the watergate scandal. he died in north carolina of congestive heart failure. he was 87 ye
to 25 after an explosion inside a mine in west virginia. four people are still reportedly trapped inside. the search has been stopped. pamela brown has the latest details. >> the outlook is becoming more grim. one safety official said it did not appear any survivors made it to a rescue chamber. rescue workers found one of two nearby chambers mt. >> if another explosion had occurred and with it would have lost 50 rescuers, it would have been just something unfathomable. " a buildup of methane gas in carbon monoxide prevented survivors to making it to the rescue chambers. at least 25 miners have been pronounced dead. they either died from the blast or from breathing in gas-filled air. some of the miners were leaving the site when the explosion occurred. it is too early to know the cause. the buildup of toxic gas has been a constant problem. >> that was pamela brown. it has been several years since the last major mine disaster here in the u.s. six miners and three rescuers were killed in utah. five people were killed in a kentucky mind. 12 people were killedn a methane explosion at the sago
another whole will have to be drilled before recovery efforts can continue. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is urging people to join in a moment of silence in the members of the victims of the explosion. the west virginia gov. is asking for a moment of silence this afternoon. gov. mcdonnell is under fire from some people over plan to require nonviolt felons to submit a personal essay if to get their voting rights restored. it comes after the controversy surrounding the confederate history month proclamation. mrs. the governor haley barbour says it seems like a lot of noise that does not amount to a deaiddly. >> there are measures to track child sex offenders. there's another bill being considered that would allow las vegas style gambling. another measure would give schools and police new powers to fight gangs. >> coming up, keeping nuclear weapons away from terrorists, a closer look at the president's security summ. >> tiger woods falls short. we will have highlights from the final rounds of the masters. >> rain could be on the way. 5:00 07 is the time. it's 59 degrees in roslyn.
in the low 70's. let's go to lisa baden. >> not much from virginia state police. prince william and stafford county, you cannot see much because of the fog. police are not working anything on 95, 395, or 66. let's look at 270 southbound approaching 109. we had a crash before 109, but that's gone. delays are on 85 getting to 80. there was another crash and that's on the beltway. 50, route 1, rhode island avenue are good alternates instead of the baltimore washington parkway. >> thank you for that. >>> breaking news from temple hillel. two prince george's county sheriff's deputies were involved in an overnight shooting at a nightclub. kathy park is joining us by phone. what can you tell us? >> according to the prince george's county sheriff's department, we understand that a fight broke out in the parking lot right in front of club elite on brinkley road in temple hill. this happened around 1:00 in the morning. the three men were involved in the scuffle. two sheriff's deputies working part-time at the club were trying to break up the fight. one of the suspects tried to flee in his car. ended u
underground in west virginia? as a desperate drilling effort begins, we've got the inside story of the worst mining disaster in more than 25 years. >>> bullied to death. as three of nine suspects enter not guilty pleas, how prosecutors say a ruthless group of teens drew pretty new girl phoebe prince to take her own life. should parents and school officials share the blame? >>> plus, bacon bliss. from bacon fashion to bacon flavored everything. it may be a heart stopper, but the bacon boom is sizzling. and it's tonight's "sign of the times." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, and terry moran in washington, this is "nightline," april 6th, 2010. >> good evening. amid the grief and anger and prayer in west virginia tonight, there is faint hope. hope that the four coal miners who remain missing may still be alive. but even if a miracle is waiting underground, the damage has been done. and along with the mourning now come the difficult questions about how this mine is being operated, and whether this explosion could have b
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